The Most Important Day…

I've chased success, I've chased books, and I've chased authors. But nothing, and I mean nothing compares to motherhood. Absolutely everything pales by comparison. I've heard all the cliches and, not saying I rolled my eyes or didn't believe them, but I just always...

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Mac’s Sexy Christmas shopping list

It's no secret: I love sex - and we all know that sometimes that gets me into a bit of trouble. Having said that, I do love women and love cherishing them and showing them how much I care. I know the difference between kissing ass and kindling my love life, and I can...

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Mac’s Blue Christmas

December.  What happened to the rest of the year, I don't know.  But, here I am, in my office, looking out over all of the holiday decorations and lights below, and wondering how many Decembers I have spent in my office, this one or any other, and analyzed my life....

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Nick’s Sexy Christmas Shopping List

I love Christmas and I really love buying gifts for the people I care about. I've been told that it seems like I can read minds when it comes to knowing exactly what to give my loved ones for gifts, especially when it comes to the woman who owns my heart.  I don't...

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