We’re seeing a lot of lists out now about holiday movies to binge, and a lot of them aren’t terribly original. Yes, we all ADORE It’s a Wonderful Life and Love Actually, but how about the movies no one ever mentions – or rarely does. We hope you’ll love this more unique take on Christmas classics and maybe, if you’ve got some time, watch one or two of them as the world gets ready to celebrate Christmas.

Fallen Angel 

I swear we all watch this movie every year, it’s a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie from 2003 so not new, but many of the themes really hit home. It stars Gary Sinise and Joely Richardson. Sinise plays a high-powered executive who returns home upon hearing that his father died. Sinise and his dad weren’t close, and as the movie unfolds you learn why. He’s reunited with his past, and a surprise twist you’ll never see coming. The entire movie unfolds in a warm, sweet, and heartwarming way.




The Spirit of Christmas

We *adore* this movie and it includes a beyond HOT ghost, need we say more? This movie is on Hulu and Lifetime on Demand, it may also be on Netflix, too. Here’s a synopsis: Emotionally frigid attorney Kate Jordan reluctantly accepts an end-of-the-year assignment to get a reputedly haunted inn appraised and sold by year’s end. By and by she meets Daniel, the resident ghost who, for the past ninety-five years, inexplicably returns to life each December during the twelve days of Christmas. Kate has only one logical recourse for their mutual benefit: break the curse that binds him – but falling for a man almost a century her senior isn’t among her plans.


A Season for Miracles 

This is another one that we watch every year and it has a crazy amazing cast: Laura Dern, Patty Duke, Kathy Baker, and Lynn Redgrave just to name a few.

Emilie Thompson is forced to take charge of her nephew J.T. and niece Alanna when their drug-addicted mother overdoses and the children are threatened with foster care. Fleeing the authorities, the trio come across the sleepy town of Bethlehem just before Christmas. Even though the authorities have been temporarily left behind, Emilie will need a miracle to keep her family together. A versatile guardian angel, who assumes a variety of earthly guises, helps, along with the small town-folk who are surprisingly friendly. One coincidence after another gives the struggling family a chance at happiness.

A Christmas Carol (the one with the Fonz!)

Yes, yes we know – it’s been done a thousand times. But we’re betting you haven’t seen the one with Henry Winkler. First off, who doesn’t love this guy? He’s quite possibly one of the nicest actors around and he really, really does Ebenezer Scrooge justice in this redone classic. It’s also got a fun, sweet twist to it we know you’ll love.


We hope you love this unique selection of movies and from our sweet corner of the world to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.


Love, Maggie, Charlotte, Stevie, Caroline, Jess, Adelaide, Jules, and Willa