What They Are Saying about “The Publicist”:

“Christina George injects humor, drama, action and eroticism that one might just turn beet red with heat while fanning herself.…the story continued to flourish and leaves readers wanting more. And that’s how I feel right now, I would love to read more about them on the next book!”

Claire of Coffeebookmom

“Having always dreamed of working in the publishing industry, this book grabbed my interest from page one. I found a lot of humor within the pages of this story, sort of like, “it’s funny because it’s true” or “I can’t make this shit up” kind of humor. I’ve often imagined what it must be like to work in this industry, working with so many people who put their ego on the line and those who have to stroke said ego in all the right ways. I’m sure Ms. George has more than a few industry insiders chuckling at her stories AND cringing at how close to home they hit.”

Scandalicious Book Reviews

“As a book publicist of 15 years, I was immediately intrigued when I heard about The Publicist by Christina George. I began reading it immediately and couldn’t put it down. George combines true-to-life episodes with a delightful romantic love triangle, which made the book the perfect pleasure read for me. I’m on pins and needles to read the next installment.”

Marika Flatt, Founder of PR by the Book

“Love, sex, books, intrigue and humor — my favorite topics for a juicy read and The Publicist has them all. A highly enjoyable journey into the world of publishing.”

Arielle Ford, Author, Wabi Sabi Love: The Ancient Art of Finding Perfect Love In Imperfect Relationships

“As a book reviewer, I deal with a lot of publicists – a lot!   Some of them I count among my dear friends. And some, a very very few,  I’d like to kick to the curb.  But most of them do their job, and do it well, and I appreciate them for a job done with professionalism and grace. So I was excited to review this novel featuring a book publicist by a book publicist.  Christina George (not her real name, for obvious reasons!) does a fantastic job of describing the world of publicity in the book industry.  She captures all the nuances of the job in a fast-paced, lively story that features a bit of romance, a bit of laughter, and a great deal of wonderful storytelling.

“The Publicist” is listed as Book One, and I, for one, look forward to reading more in future installments! I highly recommend this book as an entertaining fiction read.”

Sharon Galligar Chance,

What they are saying about “Shelf Life, The Publicist Book Two”

“As previously mentioned in my review of the first book, the plots only continue to be the best that I have read in a long time.”

“L”, founder of The Bookish and the Romantic

“The book gets more raunchier (sic) and sexy this time, as the passion runs high and deep with an expiry date. Once again the author have layered the plot with some deep burning desire, passion and emotions, which kept the story rolling in an thrilling way. In short, this book was one hell of an emotional roller-coaster ride that goes in-and-around a top-shot publishing company.”

Book Stop Corner

“This.Was.Awesome! Shelf Life is a raging success and I was once again mind-blown by how great George had written this book.”

Claire, of Coffeebookmom

“I give Shelf Life 5 stars. I loved the second installment to the series more than I did the first. It’s more exciting, intriguing, and would definitely have readers on the edges of their seats — or in my case, the floor. “

Ara, the Booksnake

What They Are Saying about “Climax: The Publicist Book 3”:

“I enjoyed this book from start to finish and easily recommend it to anyone who loves romance novels.”

Julia Piccolo

“Brilliant, funny, sweet and heartbreaking. Climax is a great love story and a highly enjoyable read!”


“If you have not read the first two books in this series you are doing yourself a great disservice. This book is epic and the whole series is also epic in scope.”

Vics Media Room

“This novel may be just over 500pages long, but I devoured it in a single sitting. It is one of the best pieces of literature I’ve read in a long, long while.”

Jonel B. of

“I don’t hand out 5 star reviews very often, but this entire series got one from me.”

Katie at

“Brilliant, funny, sweet and heartbreaking. Climax is a great love story and a highly enjoyable read! George has really taken romance to a new level with this series. Her final book will give readers everything they crave and more!”

Cherry Adair, New York Times Bestselling Author

“So much about the Publicist series reads as real life, from the publishing/publicity aspect of things to the deep, multidimensional layers of Kate’s emotions, I love this story. Well done Christina George and thanks for writing a funny, relatable, deeply emotional and smart story that sticks with you long after you hit The End. “

Scandal of Sandelicious Book Reviews