My new Harper’s Corner series has introduced a group of besties, affectionally dubbed “The Coven” today I’m turning my blog over to them, so they can share their 5 best at home spa treatments and best, most fun hidden spa goodies on Amazon!





First, when was the last time you had a really good food massage? I mean, a *really* good one? Jules from The Sweet Spot Bakery is on her feet *all* day and swears by this fun little foot massager. Whether it’s part of a bigger at home treatment, or just something you treat your tootsies to at the end of a long day, you’ll adore this.

You can grab it here on Amazon!

This stuff is kind of crazy amazing. We all love it – we’ll sometimes sit around, drinking champagne and leave this on for an hour to get a really good cleanse. Also, it’s only $10 and has nearly 2,000 4.5 star reviews on Amazon. We swear by this stuff, if you’ve tried and love it – let us know in the comments!

Grab it here, you’ll love it!

Most of us have so little time for a professional manicure, especially Adelaide who runs her coffee shop and has crazy hours. So this is a really fun tool to give yourself a quick no-mess manicure. Also, it has an insane amount of reviews!

You’ll love it, we promise – you can grab it here! 

This stuff is crazy good. Jessica gave us all a set of this in our Christmas stockings last year and we’ve all used it a ton. Love, love, love this NUGG Lip Treatment!

Your lips will thank you, you can grab this set here!

Yes, yes, we know this is at “at home spa” blog post, but what’s a spa treatment without a little wine, right? If you’ve read any of the Harper’s Corner books, you know we love our champagne, but wine in all forms is always welcome at any of our gatherings. They keep beverages cold or hot (think: hot toddy’s) – and they also travel well. Let’s say, if you’re planning a picnic with some hot guy. I know that Matt and Jessica have used these several times on their little outings.

You can grab these nifty wine tumblers here!

We hope you’ve love this quick but short list. You could literally get your home spa on for less than $50 and have a little left over for wine or some bubbly! Happy shopping!

Maggie, Jules, Charlotte, Adelaide, Jessica, Caroline and Willa xo