Street Team

I’m looking for fun, passionate, all-around amazing readers to help me spread the word about my books and upcoming book series!

Curious about what’s coming up book wise?

A Nanny for Christmas – A Harper’s Corner Holiday Novella

Once Upon a Christmas – A Harper’s Corner Holiday Novella

The Publicist 2.0 – a rewrite and enhanced version of the original, much-beloved series!

Why Would I Join?

Cool stuff, swag and free books but also because as an indie author, I really need YOUR help to get my books out there. Did I mention free books?

So, If I Sign Up, What Happens?

Well, for starters, you’ll get her next book for free. In exchange for this, I’ll need you to post an honest review on during the first week of publication.

Why Amazon?

Because Amazon is the #1 place where folks buy books, also reviews help to sell books and your voice is SO important to this process!

What I need from you …


The willingness to read new books ... often early reader copies ... for feedback and/or reviews.


The willingness to spread the word about new releases and series news by way of your favorite social media.


The willingness to post book reviews at your preferred online venues.

What you’ll get from me …


Free pre-release / early opportunities to read new books!


Early glimpses of new covers as well as being able to offer cover feedback!


Behind-the-scenes stuff and deleted scenes from books!


Street Team-only giveaways!


All active members get a shout out in the acknowledgements of future books!


Lots of love in the way of SWAG and such!


A chance to promote something you do, or a product you sell ONLY if it ties into this core romance-loving readership!