I’ve chased success, I’ve chased books, and I’ve chased authors. But nothing, and I mean nothing compares to motherhood. Absolutely everything pales by comparison. I’ve heard all the cliches and, not saying I rolled my eyes or didn’t believe them, but I just always thought in my head “I know. Being a mother is something that you can’t understand until it’s yours.” I totally accepted that. But what I wasn’t prepared for was that when it happened to me, when I held Gregory and looked at him, my son, that it instantly erased every notion I ever had of what was important to me, what love was truly like, and, as they all say, it was finally the definition of my happiness. It’s not like I was UNhappy before, but this. This is everything. Being a mother makes me wonder why some things meant to damn much to me before. Being a mother helps me see things with a different perspective, through Gregory’s eyes, and also through my own mother’s. I am so thankful for this utter upheaval of my schedule, my routines, my personal time, and I can’t imagine how anything else ever mattered. The most important day to me is Mother’s Day, because it means that I have Gregory, and that means I have everything I’ll ever need.  Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing moms out there! xo Kate

family and happy people concept - mother kissing her baby