A Nanny For ChristmasHere’s a fun little tidbit about my latest book, A Nanny for Christmas…. Back when Ben Affleck cheated on Jennifer Garner with their nanny, a friend of mine told me she knew the nanny – well, sort of. Via a friend of a friend. Anyway, it was all over the celeb blogs at that time and the story kind of captured my mind. In a sense, A Nanny for Christmas is based on this. Though Willa, the nanny in my book – isn’t the bad girl the Garner/Affleck nanny was rumored to be. Willa was really just chasing a dream, until it chased her right back into the arms of her ex-hottie-boyfriend, Jack. Here’s a look at the characters in A Nanny for Christmas!



Jackson “Jack”

Jackson “Jack” is a local firefighter and all-around great guy. When he and Willa split up four years ago, he threw himself into his work and dedicated himself to being one of the best firefighter’s Harper’s Corner has ever seen, loved by many, except Willa, it seems.

Willa the Nanny


As a celebrity nanny for an A-list actor, Willa is living the Hollywood dream. Well, sort of. She left her ex-almost-fiancé Jack four years ago to pursue her career in Hollywood. And now she’s famous, but it’s not the kind of fame she was hoping for. Can you ever go home and start over without giving up on your dreams?

Find out in A Nanny for Christmas.