Happy Holiday everyone! My latest book: Once Upon a Christmas is going on sale soon (Dec 12) and I thought it might be a great time to introduce some of the characters to you – or more specifically, the two love interests.

Here’s a little more about the book, too!

Callahan is one of the hottest guys to move into Harper’s Corner in a long time, partly because he’s also a complete mystery.

He keeps to himself and leads a quiet life, rumors swirl around that he used to be in the military…but no one knows where he came from, or what brought him to their small town.

When Stevie’s parents have a health crisis, she’s forced to take leave from her very New York existence: including a high-powered job at a big publishing house and explosive sex life with her wealthy, handsome and appropriately pretentious boyfriend, to step in and ensure the preservation of the family’s longstanding bookstore.

With the first order of business being to fire Callahan, the unqualified shop assistant her dad hired.
Though as many women from Harper’s Corner can tell you, things change when you come back home.

So firing this attractive, brooding, secretive man turns out to be much harder than she originally planned… And when his past comes back to challenge him, he can’t keep hiding from what happened.

Callahan “Cal”Callahan “Cal”

Callahan “Cal” is a bad-ass, handsome Army guy, currently on leave from the military and a new member of Harper’s Corner. He moved to the quiet down to leave a life, and a time, he’d rather forget. Now he’s happily working at The Bookshop on the Corner. Cal has sworn off relationships, until the day he meets Stevie and realizes he’s all kinds of screwed.

Stephanie “Stevie”Stephanie “Stevie”

Stephanie “Stevie” left Harper’s Corner to pursue a career in publishing and she’s currently one of the top publishing editors in New York. And even though she misses her small-town life, and her close friends, she loves her job. Her mom and dad still live in Harper’s Corner and run a bookstore called The Bookshop on the Corner. Stevie is currently dating Gable, a very rich (and stuffy) New York finance guy and on the surface they seem like the perfect couple. But are they, really? That relationship is about to face a test when Stevie meets Callahan and sparky fly.

You can read more about Cal & Stevie’s story in Once Upon a Christmas.