#TBT When Kate Met Grace

I’ve had readers ask me how Kate and Grace met and I thought that I’d go directly to my characters for this #TBT glimpse into their fun exchanges! It all started at an art showing in the Spring of 2000. Before Facebook, before Twitter, before iPhones. Life was a...

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Should I Promote My Book or Buy New Shoes?

As much as I sometimes kvetch about the publishing industry, my job and trying to maneuver around outrageous client egos, my friends in the freelance publicity sector always know how to shake me out of moments of self-pity with a good laugh. When it comes to marketing...

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Exclusive Sneak Peek – Vivienne’s Story

Hey everyone! So the Mac story is in editing and nearly done (woo hoo!) and now it’s time for Vivienne. See what you think about this, I’d love your feedback! -- We’ve all fallen in love with people who are wrong for us, but what happens if you find yourself wildly in...

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No, I Didn’t Say Till Death Do Us Part

I have a friend who does freelance publicity, she's a brave soul. Back when I did freelancing (before my New York publishing days) I was never at the mercy of people who, hmmm, for lack of a better term, went off their meds. With so many people writing books, it's a...

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Shirtless Hot Guys

So, here's a funny thing. I had these trading cards made up a while ago (some of you may have gotten them either mailed to you or as digital downloads). Anyway, there was just one card that was shirtless. Of course it was Mac because you know, that boy is always up to...

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The Week of Ridiculous Expectations

Maybe it’s because it’s Easter and people are eating *way* too much chocolate but I have found this week, in particular, to be quite entertaining. And by entertaining I mean that I’ve spent most of it ferreting emails or calls from people who went off their meds and...

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