Hello all you fab readers! So this is a little back story that has never appeared anywhere before. It starts at the end of Climax but just prior to the Epilogue in the book. I did this because I started to wonder what Mac’s journey was after he and Kate split up. This story will be told over a few weeks, in anticipation of Mac’s new book: A Second Chance. I hope you enjoy this and I look forward to your feedback! XO Christina

Even though he wasn’t invited, Mac knew when Kate was getting married. Because he was Mac, very little got past him, even the wedding of his former fiancé – something most people would choose to block out.#TBT

The blessed event was three days away, and Kate was, understandably, already out of the city. They were getting married in California, at a lovely seaside church in Malibu and the reception was at Nick’s house. Well, estate, likely, which Mac hated, but he knew Nick owned a sprawling piece of land in posh and expensive San Marino.

And there he was wandering his uptown New York apartment like a caged animal. He wanted to see Kate, just one final time, just to say… Oh, hell he didn’t know what he would say but he needed to say something. Their relationship had ended badly. Well, that wasn’t quite accurate. It had spiraled out of control before it crashed, painfully, and evaporated into thin air.

Mac wanted to blame someone else for this, some outside influence, “Oh, we just grew apart.” But he couldn’t do that. This was no one’s fault but his own. Going to Paris with his ex wife had been stupid, he wanted it all and thought it was possible, and in hindsight most of his poor decisions evolved that way. As they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

And he certainly was in hell now.

He walked over to the wall of windows that framed the incredible view from his apartment. The apartment he had once shared with Kate. Sometimes he could still hear her laughing when he recalled an inside joke. Or smell her perfume in his closet. Back when her clothes used to hang right next to his. But it was all gone now.

Mac looked down, at the teeming crowds below. People walking to something, or coming from somewhere.

Where was he going? He wasn’t sure. He was without a job, though he really didn’t need the money. But moreover, he was without a life.Kate

What’s next? The question rattled through his mind. Perhaps sweep up the debris of yet another failed relationship and move on.

He’d never had a problem doing it before but could he this time?

Well, he’d have to because soon Kate would become Mrs. Lavigne. The truth of it, the almost unbearable pain, cut through him and he felt himself stumble back slightly.

But then suddenly he knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Mac pulled out his phone and dialed:

“Delta Airlines, may I help you?” The perky voice at the Platinum desk answered.

“Yes, I need a ticket to Los Angeles for today.” Mac listened as she ticked on her keyboard.

“We have a flight, leaves 5:30 this evening out of JFK, with one first class seat left. Can I book it for you sir?”

“Yes.” he said his voice certain. He was going to California. Though what he’d do when he got there, he still wasn’t sure.

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