Hey everyone! So the Mac story is in editing and nearly done (woo hoo!) and now it’s time for Vivienne. See what you think about this, I’d love your feedback!

We’ve all fallen in love with people who are wrong for us, but what happens if you find yourself wildly in love with someone you could never possibly end up with?large

When your heart say ‘yes’ and everything, and everyone, else says ‘no’?

Vivienne’s book is a rocketing success and after the movie production wraps up, she and some friends decide to head to Costa Rica for a week to blow off some steam. That’s where she meets Daniel, the very, very handsome doctor who is down there working at an orphanage for a month inoculating the kids and giving exams. They run into each other one night when she and her friends are out at a local bar and from the moment they lock eyes they are inseparable. Vivienne believes this guy is “the one” and, as luck would have it, he also lives in New York, and promises to get in touch as soon as he returns after his work wraps up.

As the stars align for their future, they say goodbye and Vivienne is over the moon, so much so that she tells her brother and Kate about meeting this new guy. Though Kate gets the more colorful version of course!Viv

Two weeks after she’s home Vivienne attends a book party with her brother and Kate. Much to her chagrin Mac is there, and though Kate and Nick have somewhat put their issues with him aside, Vivienne refuses to even acknowledge him. And why would she? He’s nothing to her but the man that almost ruined her brother’s chance at true happiness. More than once. But when Daniel walks in she’s totally shocked and beyond elated, then Mac introduces him as his son, and her heart almost breaks right there in the middle of the room.

As her dreams of them being together shatter, the realization sinks in: Daniel, her Daniel, is Mac’s son. How can that be? Nick doesn’t fail to notice how thrown his sister is after seeing Daniel and he asks: Do you two know each other?

So the story begins. Can you imagine what Nick will say when he finds out? He sort of tolerates Mac when he has to, but now, if his sister and Daniel are serious it could mean more fraternizing with the enemy.

And poor Vivienne, what will she do? Well, knowing our Viv she’ll turn him away. I mean a girl has her standards, right? But Daniel has no intention of letting her get away without a fight.