Mac EllisSo, here’s a funny thing. I had these trading cards made up a while ago (some of you may have gotten them either mailed to you or as digital downloads). Anyway, there was just one card that was shirtless. Of course it was Mac because you know, that boy is always up to no good. I was putting together another stack for a reviewer and discovered that I have no shirtless Mac cards left. I have 60-some odd other cards, ones of Kate, a sweet smiling Nick, but none of the shirtless hot guy. Then I remembered being at Romance Writers of America and all these women were standing around the trading card table grabbing Shirtless Nick the ones with shirtless hot guy Mac. The funny thing is the card didn’t even show his face, just his bare chest.

Just goes to show, who cares about a pretty face when you have abs you can bounce a quarter off of!

So I’m going back to press on the trading cards for the new book and I thought: does anyone care about anyone other than the shirtless hot guys? Probably not. So here you go, my new trading cards. I wasn’t even obsessed (much) about how young Mac looks giving his 50ish age in the book. He has dark hair and looks like he’s a heap of hot trouble and voila, perfect.

If any of you wants a new set of shirtless hot guys, let me know and email me your address and I’ll get a set in the mail. Or you are welcome to just oogle them on my blog!

Don’t you just love shirtless hot guys?

Mac in Bed Nick laying on beach approval Draft