I’m so excited about the upcoming release of Climax, The Publicist Book Three!

Back in March, on the heels of the Academy Awards, I was inspired to write a post about who I would cast for The Publicist should I be so lucky that someone picked it up for a movie or TV series… I realized though that I’d forgotten a few characters and now with Climax, The Publicist Book Three coming out it’s high time I revisit this.  We also have some fun, new characters that I think you’ll really love getting to know! So let’s have a look at who I would cast for these roles.

First off, the incomparable, fun, and often ironic former rocker Andrew. He’s from the UK so he has that lovely British accent and he has a bad-boy history that gives him an edge. He’s a good friend, a dear friend to Kate in fact, and he’s also slightly irreverent towards celebrity and everything that he once clamored after. Now he’s settled in Vegas with his husband James and happy to live a quiet life, though the ironic part of him is that instead of living in middle America in some small, non-descript town, he opted instead to live in opulent, over-the-top Vegas because in his heart, he will always be a rock star.

I picked Dallas Roberts for this role because he’s super versatile, he can do “irreverent” really well and he’s just a sweet, funny guy. I think he would rock the role of Andrew:









Now for Carolyn, Mac’s ex-wife. She plays a big role in the new book and, surprisingly, I did not cast her in my previous post. Mostly because I think I had no idea what a big part she’d have in future books. Though we don’t know Carolyn too well from previous books, you’ll get to know her a lot better in Climax. Carolyn was married to Mac for a long time, their marriage became troubled when their third child died during childbirth. That set her and Mac on a rift that became irreparable. Now in Climax she’s back on the scene and we see her very differently. She’s delicate but strong, fragile and determined. She’s a good person who loves her sons and, despite everything, still cares about her ex-husband. They have a complicated relationship as is the case with most ex’s I guess, but theirs goes so much deeper because they lost a child. Carolyn is beautiful and she’s one of those women who will look as stunning when she’s 90 as she did when she was 20. For this character I’d love to get Naomi Watts because she’s now in her late forties and I think she could really capture Carolyn well, she’s also almost intimidatingly stunning and classy. When she walks in a room, you know she’s there without even looking:












Next up is a new character in Climax, her name is Ruth Ann Wilson and she’s a therapist Kate has some, eh, interaction with. Ruth Ann is anything but your typical therapist. When you say irreverent she is that in spades but don’t mistake her awkward and often crunchy demeanor to be anything but brilliant. Ruth Ann is so good she can get away with a lot of unconventional therapy practices without getting sued. She’s funny and knows people so well, you’d swear she was psychic. She also pulls no punches with people. You will never see Ruth Ann dance around anything. I think Kathy Bates would be spot on brilliant in this role. She captures the character so well and also has such a range of talent, I think she could nail Ruth Ann better than I could even write her:












Finally there is Vivienne, who is Nick’s sister and for those of you who have read both book 1 and 2, you know that she’s a very new character. So new in fact that none of you even knew Nick had a sister. Well he does, and she’s darling. Vivienne is another one who pulls no punches, though she’s young (much younger than Nick) she’s smart and impossibly talented. She is another character who does not mince words and is wickedly protective of her older brother, Nick. She also plays a very pivotal role in Climax as you’ll read. For this character, I think Molly Quinn would be outstanding. If you don’t know who she is, she plays the daughter of Rick Castle in the uber popular series Castle. She is great in this role and I think she’d capture Vivienne perfectly. See what you think:












Well that’s it for my dream cast and I hope you’ll agree. Anyway, Monday December 15th is the big day, the day when Climax goes off of pre-order and on order at Amazon. I’m so excited! I hope you’ll love this final book as much as I enjoyed creating it!