So we’ve all done it. Every author has stood in front of the mirror, holding a brush, curling iron, whatever and said “I’d like to thank…” practicing their imaginary acceptance speech for the award-winning movie or TV version of their book. Taking this a step further, I would also bet that most of you have also picked the cast for your baby. Am I right?

Since we’re confessing here I must admit: I often daydream about who would play Kate, Mac, Nick and Allan. Sometimes I’ll ping friends (who I’ve forced to read the book) and tell them that I finally figured out who should play X character. “Isn’t that great?” I exude. Well, sure it’s great. Now if I could just convince HBO to pick up The Publicist as a series. I mean look at how rich Sex and the City made them, right? Granted, my book is different. I don’t force all of my female characters to walk around in high heels and I don’t have a spoiled brat as a lead in the book (i.e. Carrie). Anyway,  I digress.

So here is the cast I’ve started (HBO are you listening?) and I’d love your input. Also, I’m still torn about who should play the villain Edward. There are so many great choices. See what you think.

First off, let’s talk Kate. I adore Jennifer Garner. In my head we are BFF’s and often hang out and talk about how tedious Hollywood is. Anyway I have loved her since Alias. Wait. You haven’t seen Alias? It’s on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Watch it. You’ll thank me. No, really. Freaking amazing show. Anyway, back to my HBO series. So, Jennifer would play Kate. You can dress her up and dress her down. She’s beautiful without seeming fake, a woman other women can really love. See what you think:








So am I right or what? She’s perfect. Also, I think that Ben shouldn’t have all the fame. It’s high time his talented wife stepped back into the limelight.

All right so now we’re at Mac. Love him, hate him let’s face it, Mac is hot. What do you think of Jon Hamm in this role? He can do seductive good/bad very well. See what you think:










I think he’s pretty perfect. Devilishly handsome and he looks like he’s up to no good.

Ok, now onto Nick. This was a bit harder because Nick is the good guy, he saves Kate and he’s as much of a character in this book as Mac is, though arguably in Book One he didn’t get a ton of “screen time” – keep an eye out because as Book Three launches, you’ll see him a lot more. Even more than in Book Two. So Nick is the good guy, the savior – he always does right by Kate. I adore Scott Foley – he was in Grey’s for a while (though shame on you Shonda for killing him off), now he’s in Scandal and I have a hard time deciding if Olivia should be with the POTUS or with him. Anyway, he’s flat out adorable. The problem might be that he and Jennifer used to be married. Her hubby Ben might object to her having all of this intimate time with him, but maybe he should just man up and let her do her thing. Anyway, they’ll figure it out. For now, take a look at the yummy Scott Foley. I almost blacked out finding these images. HA!










Was I right? Seriously I need a minute…. Ok, I’m back.

Now, on to Edward. So I adore Victor Garber, he was on Alias too and was just fantastic. But then someone also suggested Jack Nicholson who is ever the fabulous actor and has a history of playing great roles that require him to be an egotistical, larger than life asshole. Based on these images alone Jack seems to be primed for it, but I’d like your input. See what you think:







Next up is Allan Lavigne. I really wasn’t sure how to cast him, then I fell in love with the TV show Fringe. Have you seen it? If you haven’t you should stop reading this post right now and go cue it up on Netflix. Outstanding. Anyway, I digress. When I saw John Noble on that show I knew I’d spotted the perfect Allan Lavigne. He’s quirky enough to be the perfect writer-type, yet distinguished enough to be “Allan.” See what you think:


Next up is Grace. Kate’s anchor. Kate’s “person” for the fellow Grey’s fans. She will always be her rock, no matter what happens with the men in her life. Grace is also an artist. She has a very dry wit, a presence. Kate is beautiful, Grace has a presence. If you don’t know the difference your friends are boring. Sorry. Anyhow, a friend is a big fan of Krysten Ritter and when she suggested her I agreed – almost instantly. She has the look of a New York artist, and she looks like she just “knows it all”. As in, you’ll get the truth and only the truth from her, and that’s exactly what Grace is like. See what you think:












Finally, for now, there’s Lulu. Lulu stuck with Kate through thick and thin. She’s a dedicated, genuine person. She can keep her head and keep the details straight when Kate is on her last nerve – like every good publicist needs! A details person! I wanted someone bookish and nerdy, but in an attractive way. And to me Lulu is light haired, fair, maybe because it balances out Kate’s brown curls, and olive skin, but either way, Judy Greer’s name came up and as soon as I was reminded of who she is I wanted to hand over my Blackberry and have her start organizing things. Doesn’t she just look like she’d deliver all the answers with a smile? Love that. See what you think:

Judy Greer Judy-Greer









So, that’ s my cast and that’s my dream. Yeah it’s silly but it’s such fun. And let’s face it, if you’re going to dream you may as well dream big. Go big or go home. Now I need to go and work on my acceptance speech. Tell me what you think of my cast so far and if you pictured other famous actors in these roles, I love the feedback!

“I’d like to thank…”

~ Christina