When I first created the character of Nick, I didn’t really plan to have him stick around. He was meant as a distraction for Kate and a chance for Mac to see that Kate wasn’t going to stick around and wait for him. Then something happened. Nick happened. And I realized who Nick really was.Nick

Ok so I get that Nick is the “perfect guy” with his sweet personality and good looks, but Nick is so much more than that. Someone asked me who Nick was, meaning was he patterned after anyone in particular. Unlike Mac who I talked about here (https://www.christinageorgeauthor.com/love-is-never-really-over-just-over-there) I had no real model for Nick except that if you take the time to look around, Nick really is everywhere.

He’s the guy who is by your side, no matter what you need. He loves you even on your most unbeautiful days and isn’t afraid to hold your hand in public. He gets choked up watching It’s a Wonderful Life and always finds a way to make you laugh when the world brings you to tears. Last night I was walking through the park and saw this elderly couple holding hands, smiling and then, when she least expected it he turned to her and kissed her hard.

That’s Nick.

Nick loves you when you’re old and after gravity has done its will, he still thinks you’re as beautiful as you were when you got married.

Do you remember the movie Beauty and the Beast? When Belle all of a sudden realizes that this awkward, scary looking thing is really a kind, generous, loving man underneath. All she had to do was take the time to see him for who he really was, not who he appeared to be on the outside.

So often we get blindsided by the way someone looks and while I get that looks are important there is something much more powerful than that: the true heart.

In real life Nick doesn’t show up in a perfect romance novel package. He might be less-than-perfect, maybe he hasn’t been to the gym as often as he should (if at all) and maybe he’s not blindingly handsome but his heart is gold. If you are lucky enough to have a Nick in your life, hang onto him for all he’s worth and if you’re still looking for someone to share your life with, look a little deeper than just the package. You’ll be glad you did.

Nick was fun to write, it was even more interesting because at some point he needed to do what only a real quality human could do: walk away. Because not only does a “Nick” know your value, he also knows his own. He won’t stay where he’s not wanted and he won’t force himself into a situation where he does not belong.

As you read through the final book in the series, I hope you’ll enjoy how Nick progresses. As I said, Nick wasn’t meant to be a long-term thing, but as I started writing him I realized he was, in a word: unforgettable.

And if you missed the post that revealed who Mac is in real life you can read it here!

I hope you enjoy Climax!