Okay I know the “sexy nurse” thing and the “sexy school girl” thing have been bedroom fantasies that couples have acted out since the dawn of time, or you know, pretty damn close, but when was the concept of being a “sexy anything” indoctrinated into our Halloween traditions?sexy-women-halloween-costumes-4-630x369

I’ve admitted that just because I write romance doesn’t mean I’m an expert on love or relationships, but that being said, all I see when the herds of “sexy anythings” hit the streets on Halloween are misguided attempts at securing a valentine. Sorry, call me cynic. And do they really think the Halloween dream man they snagged with their Brazilian-flashing skirt will still be around on flowers and chocolate day? Not likely.

And please don’t turn this into a sexual freedom, independent woman, personal expression thing. I’m so over that. In fact, I’m all about getting dolled up and hitting the town with some girlfriends every once in awhile. Put on some CFM heels, that dress that makes your ass look especially amazing, and go dance, flirt, have fun. But stop tainting this super cool holiday with your nip slips and other wardrobe malfunctions. I mean seriously, sexy Olaf? Where is the line ladies?!imgres

Yes, I realize a good part of what makes Halloween so exciting is the element of fantasy, but is it really that fantastical to be the 19th “sexy vampire” to arrive at the club?

If you want to talk fantasy, how about dressing as someone you admire or adore? A famous woman in history, your favorite Jane Austen character, or if you want to be more current, here are PopSugar’s hottest pop culture inspired costumes for women this year – there are some really clever ones!

Any just because the word “sexy” isn’t a part of the title on the flimsy plastic wrapper you wrestled your costume out of in just too little time for the wig to fully unkink, doesn’t mean you can’t ROCK IT. Smart is sexy, clever is sexy, owning it is sexy, so challenge yourself to aim for something more unique this year, and be prepared to proudly proclaim that you’re better than settling to be the 11th “sexy nurse” on this side of the bar, and watch a worthy suitor’s eyes really light up with interest…