Warning! This post contains spoilers if you have not read Shelf Life: The Publicist (Book 2)

So I have to ask, how many of you agreed with the ending of Shelf Life? I hope I entertained you with some plot twists and turns along the way, but in the end, were you pretty certain Kate and Mac would end up together?

Was it their chemistry? The fact that they’ve always managed to circle back to each other? Or are you just such a fan of contemporary romance you saw it coming a mile away? It’s okay, I can take it.

You may be wondering why I’m asking, because we all know the book is already out. Why would I torture myself by soliciting feedback on something that can’t be changed?

Depending on what team you’re on it may or may not surprise you that some people were genuinely upset that Kate and Mac made up, mainly because of their love for dear, sweet, Nick, not wanting to think of him as jilted and alone. And I’ll admit I was a bit surprised, but maybe that’s because I’ve always been a sucker (to my own detriment on occasion) for a Mac. Maybe I wanted to show there are men that are capable of changing for the right woman. Because there are, right?

But I’d like to hear your version of Kate’s happily ever after. Would you have her with Mac or Nick? Would they be back in NYC or somewhere totally new, a fresh start. Or would Kate shake them both and really take the time to focus on herself?

If you were writing Kate’s happily ever after, what would it be?

And for the Nick lovers, don’t worry, he gets to shine in Book 3!

~ Christina