So I was in Costco the other day and started thumbing through a copy of Grey. Which, regardless of what you think of the 50 Shades of Grey series, is a brilliant way to continue it. The book is essentially written from Christian Grey’s perspective. Essentially it’s a re-write of the original book.Mac is Don 5 - instagram

This got me to thinking – I love Mac, I love writing Mac. Could he have his own book, too? Then I sat down and started writing this, all in his POV and wow, 5,000 words later I’m still writing. Now, keep in mind that not everything I write gets published (some of it is junk) but this I really wondered about. So I thought, let me ask my amazing readers what they think.

The book would not be a redo of book one, per se – he will meet Kate in this book but it will really show Mac’s life, his work, his relationships, etc. There will be some super colorful people in publishing (because well, we do have a lot of that) but it’ll be all Mac. His early attraction to Kate, his need to fight it (because he knows Kate is not like any other woman he’s ever met).

So, what do you think? More Mac or time to move on?

I’m still working on Vivienne’s book, which is so fun – but our lovely, sweet, handsome as hell Mac keeps drifting through my mind.

Thanks again for reading, love you all –