So here’s the thing: why on earth would you want a naked picture of yourself unless you are, you know, a super model or drunk? I can honestly say that most of the time when I stand naked in front of a mirror I am more compelled to drink than I am to take a picture.McSteamy

And you know, there aren’t a lot of celebrities I want to see naked. I mean, where’s the mystery in that? OK,  well maybe just one celeb. I mean McSteamy, really? Why isn’t he taking more pictures of his naked self? Life is so unfair. And Jon Hamm, I mean could that man look any better? Then again, a naked picture of Jon might explode my brain. Ok, so never mind. Keep your pants on handsome. I’ll just imagine it for myself.

Anyway, back to my rant. So I just never got the whole naked picture thing, “Oh, honey look at us all naked, let’s take a picture so we can show our, oh, wait, I guess we can’t share it with anyone, can we?” Well, turns out, you can. You can take a naked picture of your naked ass, put it on your phone and wait for some blog to post it citing “security issues” with the Cloud. I’m sorry, since when did “security issues” become news? Did these naked-picture-taking celebrities not get the memo that nothing is secure?

You want secure, use a Polaroid. Or better yet,  have someone sketch you like Jack did on Titanic. Though well all know that didn’t end well but I can’t imagine it was because the sketch of Rose suddenly appeared plastered across the window in the Bridge. Nevertheless I have a feeling this whole security issue is about to face the same fate.

Here’s a simple rule in life. I tell this to my authors who blog or put stuff out there for the news: don’t do anything that you don’t want your grandmother to read/see. And if grandma is used to looking at naked family pictures then you have bigger problems than a security breach.

Just sayin’.

~ Christina