Without a doubt the majority of the (shall I dare say?!) fan mail I get has something to do with the male characters in my novels.

Some people are Team Mac. They can’t help but be drawn to him. They’ve met or even dated that exceedingly charming, yet imperfect man they just can’t get out of their head. And they want to help him be better, to be the man they know he can be. The man they need.

Others are Team Nick. They want the knight in shining armor, the man who will always save and protect them. They can appreciate a safe, stable rock to lean on. A predictable, always there for you even when you think you can do it on your own, rock.

But do men like Mac ever really change?  Let’s be honest, let’s put it all out there, are women ever as truly satisfied with men like Nick as they wish they could be? Know they should be?

Can we be passionate about stability, or is that reserved only for core shaking chemistry?

Many women, perhaps after years of heartbreak, choose a Nick, if they’re lucky enough to find one, and they do so for self-preservation. Do you agree?

Or are you still saving your Mac? If you are, how are you doing it? What’s your secret, you can’t keep this from us!

So which are you? Are you Team Mac or Team Nick?

– Christina