Those of you that have started A Second Chance (released yesterday for only $1.99!) already know that Mac and Sydney have a history. And I thought it would be fun to share some images of their growing up together. When times were simpler, when riding your bike to the next neighborhood over to pick up your best friend was an exciting adventure.

I hope they bring back some fond memories of your own and put a smile on your face. Watch them grown with more to come next week!

#TBT Mac and Sydney 5

In the above photo they could both hear their mothers calling them, but you know how summer goes, time seems to stand still…

#TBT Mac and Sydney 3

Taken by Sydney’s mom, Mac had insisted that his mom help him figure out a present for Sydney’s birthday, something he could give her just from him. Sydney was a little embarrassed in the moment, but she remembered that present forever.

#TBT Mac and Sydney 1

And their relationship just got stronger when they entered school, you almost wouldn’t recognize the steely, ultra self-controlled Mac of today, he was a young man in love for the first time and they were each other’s whole world.