Those of you that have started A Second Chance (released July 15 for only $1.99!) already know that Mac and Sydney have a history. And I thought it would be fun to share some images of their growing up together. When times were simpler, when a note from your boyfriend at school made your entire week, when you thought you’d be together forever.

I hope they bring back some fond memories of your own and put a smile on your face!#TBT Mac and Sydney 4

Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen was all over the radio when the above photo was taken and it was practically their theme song. They thought they had it all figured out, that life would always be as perfect as it was that fall.

#TBT Mac and Sydney 2 (1)

Kiss is On My List” by Hall and Oates was BIG Mac’s junior year and he would sing it to Sydney in the hallway as he passed her locker on his way to class. Of course she’d turn beet red and tell him to stop, but as any woman knows, a guy who’s willing to make a fool of himself for you is a keeper!

#TBT Mac and Sydney 6

Jack and Diane” came out Mac’s senior year, and little did they know how true to life this “little ditty” was going to be. Two kids, doing the best they can, but we all grow up to be women and men – and things change – they can change a lot…