I try to stay away from politics, but…..I was at the Frankfurt book fair and you know, everything is different in Europe. Sometimes better different, sometimes not. Questionable were these St Nicklaus chocolates. Here, they celebrate two Christmases (I know, it makes your head spin doesn’t it?). Anyway, so they have St Nicklaus on Dec 5 and then the “regular” Christmas on Dec 25. More loot, more stress. Hmmm, not sure that works out well. Anyway, St Nicklaus lives in Spain with his sidekick, Zwarte Pete (Black Pete) and his donkey. I was in a grocery store last week and noticed the holiday stuff is out, including chocolates that portray Zwarte Pete.

Now, I have to ask myself – if this happened in the states what would we do? Would we chalk it up to tradition or would there be riots, picketing and a special session of Congress to enact legislation to prevent chocolate makers from making “racially specific chocolate” Remember what happened with Mexican Barbie? Sheesh. We’ve pretty much legislated ourselves to death over here. Take a look and let me know what you think.