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So much has happened! Climax: The Publicist, Book Three is set to release on December 15! Pre-order Climax now to ensure it’s delivered to your device as soon as it’s available on Amazon!

And in honor of the Climax release we’re doing a big cover reveal and Amazon gift card giveaway so definitely check it out to see the Book Three covers, story details, and enter to win!

The Publicist, Book One audiobook is now available for purchase on! It would be a fantastic holiday gift if I do say so myself, giving someone an audiobook is giving them “me time” – and what’s better than that?

Win a $500 American Express Gift Card

As a build up to the release of Climax I wanted to do it up BIG! So I developed a super fan contest with three different challenges and great prizes along the way.

But unfortunately we don’t have anyone that’s qualified to win the $500 American Express Gift Card under the original contest rules. I’m definitely bummed, especially for those of you who participated in at least one challenge. So I’ve changed the stakes a bit…

For challenge three I’d like you to submit an off-shoot story idea for The Publicist series!

Please keep it to 3 pages or fewer, include any major plot lines, characters, etc. that you feel are important to the story, and most importantly, have fun with this!

I’ll award a $25 Amazon gift card to any well thought out entries, and if I really like your submission, and might want to consider using it as an inspiration for a future book, I’ll gladly award you the $500 American Express gift card grand prize!

Email your submissions to [email protected] and please include your first name and last initial.

The deadline will be Sunday, November 30.
The winner(s) for this final challenge will be chosen on December 8, 2014 based on the quality of the entry, so be unique, be daring, and again – have fun!

Third Challenge Rules:

1.) All entries must be submitted by Sunday, November 30 at 11:59pm Pacific.
2.) One entry per person.

Your Favorite New York and SoCal Hotspots

So as you know, most of The Publicist series takes place in New York and Southern California, and this is because both hold a lot of memories for me.

I’d like to hear some of the best places you frequent or have visited in New York or SoCal. It could be a restaurant, bar, bookstore, spa, luxe sex shop – I’m just looking for the best of the best according to my readers! Let’s consider it The Publicist Travel Guide!

Please Tweet me @publicistgal using #ThePublicistTravelGuide or just reply to this email with your ideas.

Post to My Fan Board on Pinterest

If you’re not following me on Pinterest now is definitely the time to start! I have an Ultimate Super Fan Ideas group board because I’d love to see any and all pins that you think relate to the themes in The Publicist. Wedding dress idea for Kate? Casting call for one of the characters? A book on your ‘to read’ list? A funny, sad or true quote about love or relationships, you name it! Anyone who was following me as of Friday, October 3 was invited to the board. If you’re new to following me or missed the invite simply send me a private message via Pinterest and I’ll add you. Can’t wait to see what you pin!

Win a $25 Amazon Gift Cardnewsletter november 2

As a thank you for your continued dedication all newsletter subscribers are automatically entered in a drawing to win a $25 Amazon Gift card! The next drawing will be toward the end of November so stay tuned!

Reviewing the Books

Haven’t reviewed the books yet? Once you post your review on Amazon (good or bad just be honest!) email me the link and I’ll be sure to send you a FREE copy of Climax: The Publicist, Book Three when it’s released December 15! Haven’t read both books yet? Get Book 1 and Book 2 together on Amazon: and send me the review when you’re done!