Someone once told me that everything is karma and karma keeps a list a mile long of people who need a swift kick in the you-know-what. Apparently I am now one of those people.
I know that breaking up Mac and Kate did not make a lot of people happy and I’m very sorry to those of you who wanted them to sail off in the sunset together. I got emails, several of them, that started with “How could you??!!!”
Trust me, I now feel your pain.

Patrick DempseyOver the past several months karma has started to find her way to me by breaking up (or flat out killing off) TV characters I love.
Case in point – Derek Shepherd.


All I can say is “Why?” I’m still not over that, though it would seem that Meredith has moved on quite well. And as a side note: I’m pretty sure Meredith killed him.
Now beyond the fact that I think Shonda is evil for killing off his character, I didn’t give this much thought…..


Until recently when my all-time-fav show Castle broke up Rick and Kate.

Wait. Really?

Rick and Kate - CastleTheir chemistry is my whole reason for watching the show. Note to the writers: breaking them up does not entice me to watch this show, nor does it make them more interesting. Mostly I just want to throw things.







And let me not even get started on Scandal. The only saving grace on that show is Shonda didn’t find a way to kill off Jake, too.








And just when I thought it was safe to turn on my TV I find out, from last weekend’s ComicCon, that Mulder and Scully split up as well.




Next thing you know, we’ll find out that Han and Leia never actually wound up together.

So dear readers, while I realize Kate and Mac weren’t on the scale of any of these characters mentioned above I totally appreciate that this bugged many of you. And I’m sorry. I’m very sorry.

And as for you dear Karma, I get it. I screwed up. I broke up a power couple. What would you have me do? Rewrite Climax and throw Nick under the bus – literally?

Or maybe I could just call in Shonda Rhimes and Meredith Grey to kill him off.