It’s no secret: I love sex – and we all know that sometimes that gets me into a bit of trouble. Having said that, I do love women and love cherishing them and showing them how much I care. I know the difference between kissing ass and kindling my love life, and I can share what I am doing to that end with you in my shopping list for this Christmas. Take a look and see what keeps things ultra steamy in my bedroom (or hotel room, or office, or sauna…)

Subscription gifts are all the rage, and with my being tied up at the office most of the time, setting up a recurring present is just up my alley. It shows that I’m thinking of her (all of her), all the time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and gives her the chance to give it right back!

Unbound is a quarterly subscription box for women’s sex toys and other ‘erotic products.’ Each box contains a few fun items centered around a theme. This would be something to look forward to once a season!


Artistic Conversion Woman With Underwear


In addition to a sex toy-of-the-month subscription, Spicy Subscriptions offers “The Spice Box,” a monthly delivery of romantic gifts, sexy lingerie, intimate toys, massage oils, romantic fragrances and more!  What a way to insure intimacy never gets boring or lost during busy schedules.

Temptress woman

The Fantasy Box is a luxury service designed to help couples explore new dimensions of their relationship in a safe, stress-free, and fun way.  Let me stress FUN.  Sounds like my French maid fantasy may happen after all!  She’ll receive boxes complete with instructions for both of us, as well all products needed to play out the scenario, customized with sizes.  Looks like date night is all set up and ready to go.


Passionate sensual attractive young couple in love, man caresses


I think of [ENCLOSED] as my personal concierge panty shopper. They guide you through a few simple questions then take care of all the details of the gift. Every month they hand select a pair of sumptuous panties just for her and it arrives in a custom keepsake box, nestled in a bed of real freeze-dried flower petals.  I can personally attest to the appeal of this lingerie.  They look just as amazing on as they do on the floor.


Every action has a reaction. With that in mind, each Chemist’s Kit™ includes three products tested and endorsed by a panel of women. That’s amazing; getting an enthusiastic reaction without that trial-and-error is worth my investment. She will receive items like massage oils or sensual candles to create the spark. Then, we accelerate the intensity with games and intimacy enhancers. Finally, we reach the flash point with things that go buzz in the night.  I’m a fan.

One last thing to cover, which is still easy enough to arrange ahead of time, show thoughtfulness, and, what I enjoy doing most, making my woman feel special:  reservations at one of the hottest restaurants in New York:  The Clocktower.  Right on Madison Avenue near 5th, in the EDITION Hotel (The Met Life Building), it’s swanky, impossible (for most) to get into, and the menu is a laden with aphrodisiacs.  Of course, I’d start the evening with a surprise limo pick-up and end in the Deluxe Room of the hotel after our intimate dinner together.  After all, what’s the point in all of the gifts she’s receiving if I can’t be there to enjoy them?