Though I’m so sick of celeb books I could scream, I still love a good awards show. This has nothing to do with publishing but one of my co-workers came in this morning lamenting the fact that she’d missed the show. If you did, here are the highlights along with some of my favorite tweets of the night.


Let’s start with Mandy Patinkin. Did you ever see Yentl? Great movie and Mandy looked freaking HOT in that movie, holy cow. Walking up to Streisand butt ass naked. Granted it was 20 years ago. Was watching the Globes tonight wondering WTF happened to him??? He looks sort of, hmm, like he forgot to shave and shower since Yentl. I get it’s his Homeland look but still. Mandy. Please. Shave.

Also Bill Murray looks like Santa Claus.

Bradley Cooper, first up. HOT

Jon Hamm – HOT

I wasn’t the only one who thought this, thank God she wasn’t giving out movie awards and Argo won. #AWKWARD






Also, someone needs to tell J-Lo you’re not supposed to actually paste the doilies to your body and wear them outside of your grandmother’s living room.

Of course Adele won. Why did they even bother nominating anyone else? Taylor Swift is starting to bug me. It’s not all about you, honey.

George Clooney: hot. If I had to pick between Jon Hamm and George Clooney I’m not sure who would win.

Also did you see Adele talking with Jennifer Garner? Adele looked sort of afraid as though she expected Jennifer to busta-move on her a-la her CIA days. I bet she’s started watching Alias on Netflix, too 🙂 #aliasrocks

How the hell did Mel Gibson get invited to this show? #awkward #loser

Did I mention George Clooney is hot?

Whoever did the audio at the show is polishing his resume after being fired midway through the show.

Was it just me or did Sly Stallone’s head seem to have shrunk?

Tommy Lee Jones, most humorless person – ever:












Jodie Foster, #WTF:







I was so surprised that Jodie came out! Said no one ever. Best tweet about it of the night:






I want to party with Glenn Close. She looks like fun. But only after I spent 6 weeks naked with George Clooney.

Did I mention how hot George Clooney is?

Also, they must have the best marriage ever:







Anne Hathaway mentions The Flying Nun and half the people watching are like, the what? The flying who?

I tweeted to Bradley Cooper’s Twitter account asking if he needed consoling. I think someone just shut my Twitter account down for stalking. 🙂

The real reason why I’m bummed Bradley didn’t win:







In case you didn’t get enough of Bradley at the #goldenglobes:








Funny. Probably true.






I love Ben Affleck, take that #oscars