As a build up to the release of Climax I wanted to do it up BIG! So I developed a super fan contest with three different challenges and great prizes along the way. Many of you have participated and I’ve so enjoyed receiving your entries! Contest stage 3 - instagram

But unfortunately we don’t have anyone that’s qualified to win the $500 American Express Gift Card under the original contest rules. I’m definitely bummed, especially for those of you who participated in at least one challenge. So once again I’ve re-written the stakes a bit…

For challenge three I’d like you to submit an off-shoot story idea for The Publicist series!

Please keep it to 3 pages or fewer, include any major plot lines, characters, etc. that you feel are important to the story, and most importantly, have fun with this!

I’ll award a $25 Amazon gift card to any well thought out entries, and if I really like your submission, and might consider using it as inspiration for a future book, I’ll gladly award you the $500 American Express gift card grand prize!

Email your submissions to and please include your first name and last initial.

The deadline will be Sunday, November 30.
The winner(s) for this final challenge will be chosen on December 8, 2014 based on the quality of the entry(ies), so be unique, be daring, and again – have fun!

Third Challenge Rules:

1.) All entries must be submitted by Sunday, November 30 at 11:59pm Pacific.
2.) One entry per person.

Happy writing!