NOTE: this post contains some spoilers, don’t read this if you haven’t read Climax: The Publicist Book Three. The good news is if you haven’t read it, you can get it free today and tomorrow on Kindle!

I’m always so grateful when readers write me, I love all kindsMacDermott Ellis of feedback – even the letters that said, “What the #@$!! did you do to Mac?” which refers to (slight spoiler alert) what happens to him in book three. I’ve also gotten emails from readers just wanting to see a continuation of the series in general.

So I mentioned that there would be a book about Vivienne (who I adore) and now I see that Mac has another story to tell. I mean look, we want the guy to be happy and though he seemed happy at the end of book three we all know he really wasn’t.

Of all the characters, Mac was the toughest to write because he can be a total jackass but you still have to love him anyway. He’s rich, wicked handsome and always getting into trouble one way or the other. So I had this thought: what if I paired him with the female version of Mac. I’m not talking about someone who cheats necessarily but someone who is equally a force of nature as Mac always seems to be. And what if that person was an author of a book he was working with.

Being a fan of Alias (and other kick-ass women in the CIA like Annie on Covert Affairs) I have created a character named Sydney Sullivan (yes the name is a sort of nod to Jennifer Garner’s character on Alias) and of course she’ll be stunning and she’s considered one of the top CIA operatives in the country, having just brought down a huge terror cell – hence the writing of the book. Mac is drawn into her because well, she’s smart, kickass, and beautiful, but Syndey has other ideas. She could care less about Mac because you know as a CIA operative she’s seen it all. She alSydneyso lost her husband, years ago, when he was on an intelligence mission in Kabul and she’s never quite been able to move on. So Sydney goes on mission after mission and now the CIA wants her to retire (at 45, she’s considered too old to be in the field technically). Then in walks MacDermott Ellis and for all of the men she’s seen, the missions she’s done, she’s never met someone quite like Mac. Still, she doesn’t want a relationship. She just wants to be out in the field, catching the bad guys. So when something presents itself with Mac, she rolls with it because he’s smokin’ hot and then leaves him, without a note or a trace of where she went.

Mac sets out to find her, whatever the cost, because he knows that he’s finally met his match.

So that’s the story thus far, I’m 10,000 words into it and I love it and I adore Sydney. She’s super fun to write because she’s so gifted with all of this knowledge and she’s not your average woman.

Kate and Nick will make an appearance in this story of course but mostly the focus will be on Mac and finally learning a lesson he should have learned years ago and maybe even, finally, finding the love of his life.

My dear readers: stop me if you think this is the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard. Send me an email, add to this blog post. I have no ego. Well, that’s not true, I have an ego but I don’t want it, or my crazy ideas, to get in the way of a good book.

Love you all!

XO Christina


PS Allan’s book is also in the works – more on that in another post