It’s the zombie apocalypse – how will you survive? With a hot man by your side, of course! Now I realize that’s not a really solid survival plan on the surface, but it’s a nice detail we shouldn’t overlook.

Because in saunters Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus off screen).enhanced-buzz-11064-1364590511-19

He’s a bad mannered, foul mouthed redneck. He has a haunted, royally f-ed up backstory. So he’ll always be more than a bit broken, extremely difficult to read and impossibly closed off…but that’s what makes the moments where he shows his true nature, the man who would kill for you, could always provide for you, and would protect all of those dear to you until his last breath.

Daryl, for all his issues and gruffness and bad boy ways, is at his core, one of the most reliable men you’ll ever know. And he has a heart of gold.

THAT is the man you can’t help but fall in love with. The man that is invincible and unstoppable.

Admit it, how sexy is that?! And we fight for that man. Many of us have been with a man like that, albeit on a much smaller scale. You know, no zombie apocalypse, he probably didn’t literally KILL for you. But nonetheless a man who is messed up (but you can technically blame his parents) and for all of his qualities that drive you insane you can honestly argue that at his core, he is a good man. Granted these relationships rarely last, it takes a really understanding, dedicated, selfless person to make a life with someone so damaged. We try to make it work because we hope someday they’ll wake up and be able to love us in the way women are loved in movies: openly, unabashedly, with bouquets of flowers paraded through our office “just because”. norman-reedus-mens-fitness-001

But the Daryls of the world will never be those men. He’ll love you in his screwed up way.

Are you up for it?