“No matter how successful I become as a playwright, my mother would be thrilled to hear me tell her that I’d just lost twenty pounds, gotten married and become a lawyer.” – Wendy Wasserstein1551_2

Okay how many of you writers can relate to this?!

Being a writer, an author, is either romanticized or criticized – depending on who you talk to. You’re either living a fabulously creative life in a fabulous oceanside cottage, surrounded by one of a kind pieces of artwork and antiques…or you’re sharing a flat with a freaky guy that just goes by “Buzz” so you can afford to feed the stray cat that hangs out in your alley – also known as the only “person” you spend weekends with.

If you’re a writer/author that laughed at this out of familiarity please share your version! We’d love to hear how you proved them (mother) wrong!