If you’ve read The Publicist and Shelf Life you know Kate has had a tough time trying to decide which man in her life is best for her. Sometimes it’s not so cut and dry. Do you listen to your head or your heart? Or your friends? Take our quiz and find out what your ideal mate should be like!

1. Your boyfriend’s ex calls and is stranded on the side of the road. He wants to help her.

A. You tell him to go, but then keep a close eye on her Facebook page for any cryptic updates about fate. Or not so cryptic updates about grabbing lunch with your man.
B. You tell him to go, and feel genuinely grateful that you have a guy that would do this, even for an ex.
C. You hand him a ripped out page of the phone book where the tow companies are listed.

2.    What kind of undergarments do you wear?

A. Matching and sexy. You want to look hot when your man devours you on the floor of his apartment.
B. Cute and comfy. You want to feel extra cozy snuggling in front of the fire with your sweetie.
C. Clean. And the idea of needing to wear a thong for a man makes you want to vomit.

3.    How would you want your guy to celebrate your birthday?

A. He should whisk me away somewhere special like Hawaii or Aspen; money would be no object
B. I’d like flowers and the pretty scarf I mentioned I liked months ago, because he always remembers stuff like that.
C. I don’t need him to make a big deal, it’s just another day, I might just grab drinks with friends after work.

4.    How do you imagine meeting the man of your dreams?

A. In a business setting, so I can see him owning the room, power and success turn me on.
B. At a farmer’s market, picking over the same organic produce and swapping recipes.
C. I don’t really believe in that, there are multiple people out there for everyone.

5.    What’s your ideal man’s go-to outfit on the weekends?

A. A perfectly tailored button up oxford and Italian leather loafers. Very Brooks Brothers.
B. A t-shirt that hangs on his muscles perfectly and boat shoes. Very J. Crew.
C. Anything as long as he doesn’t take longer to get ready than I do.

6.    How do you like to spend Friday night?

A. With my guy in a dimly lit, extremely exclusive restaurant, pretending no one else exists.
B. With my guy and another couple grabbing nachos and margaritas on the patio of our fav Mexican restaurant.
C. With my girlfriends checking out a new art show or wine bar.

7.    What type of man are you drawn to most?

A. Someone slightly older with money and an important job; he knows how to get what he wants.
B. Someone my own age or even younger that’s still creating their dream; I need someone to remind me to enjoy life!
C. I don’t really have a type, it’s more about the chemistry.

8.    When it comes to your guy and your friends you…

A. Keep them separate. They don’t get him, but I’m okay with that.
B. Hang out together all the time, they all love him.
C. Don’t worry about playing party planner, whoever calls you first is who you spend time with.

9.    You have to put your dog down and you’re a mess, how does your guy react?

A. He offers to go with you but you know it makes him uncomfortable to see you in tears, so you just meet him later for drinks.
B. He’s at your place as soon as you tell him and drives you and Rover to the vet, so you don’t have to spend a minute alone.
C. He doesn’t even find out until the next day, you called your friends first.

10. How would you describe your life?

A. Everything is on track and I have a vision, but my guy is hard to pin down.
B. Everything is up in the air but I know my guy will be there every step of the way.
C. Everything is perfect because my friends are my family and we support each other through everything.


What your answers say about you:

Mostly As: Your ideal mate is a Mac. He’s powerful, confident, established, successful, and insanely sexy. Your attraction to each other is most important. You may not always feel fully confident in your future together, but there’s never been any doubt that he finds you irresistible, and that’s all that matters in the present.

Mostly Bs: Your ideal mate is a Nick. He’s driven, selfless, stable, caring, and unbelievably romantic. You are each other’s best friend. You may not always be ripping each other’s clothes off on the living room floor, but there’s never been any doubt that he’ll be with you for the long haul, he’ll be your rock, and that’s what matters for the future.

Mostly Cs: Your ideal mate is Grace. Now, you may have never thought about batting for the other team, but there’s no doubt your female friends are most important to you. They are your family and your support system and any man in your life should feel lucky to come second.

What were your results? Please share, let us know how true to life they are!

~ Christina