I love Christmas and I really love buying gifts for the people I care about. I’ve been told that it seems like I can read minds when it comes to knowing exactly what to give my loved ones for gifts, especially when it comes to the woman who owns my heart.  I don’t know that it’s necessarily telepathy (okay, I do know that I’m not telepathic), but I do have an innate connection to the woman I adore and I know what makes her happy.  What makes us happy.  Especially when it comes to Kate because, well, I just enjoy giving her things that aren’t only cool presents but also enhance her life in some way. When I see her thrilled and excited about opening up a present I surprise her with, it gives me such genuine joy and pride.  Don’t be jealous, just take notes, because this list is what I hope will knock Kate’s socks (and maybe more articles of clothing) off this year.  Which gift would YOU be most exited to receive?

Oh and one more thing, if you see Katie around town, don’t tell her what I got for her, OK?


Kate has a thing for bling, but nothing too overstated, meaning you’ll never catch her wearing big, clunky jewelry or huge diamonds. And since I couldn’t decide which stone to get her, I decided on this one. It’s an 18-karat yellow gold bracelet that mixes tourmalines, quartz, peridot, garnet, iolite, tanzanite, aquamarine, and topaz stones. And although this may be only one bracelet, it gives the layered look of 10.




First off, you may not know this about Kate but she loves capes. What do you think about Burberry?  Right, I thought so.  Cozy up in Burberry London’s supremely chic cape this season. Crafted from a pure wool and cashmere blend, the nonchalantly luxe piece comes with a super-soft feel and endless pairing possibilities (so the description tells me).




Time for relaxation and pampering that may lead to a bubble bath for 2.  Look at this bath caddy.  Equipped to hold your favorite book (important for a publisher especially!), a candle, and a glass of vino, this is the perfect present for the woman that needs to unwind.




When we’re in California Katie and I love cycling along the beach. If you’re a lover of all things sand, sun, and fun then this set of wheels will put those other beach cruisers to shame.  Feeling free and escaping the stress, monotony and TRAFFIC, having this gorgeous bicycle will inspire you to have a worthwhile diversion from the grind.




Again, I love getting Kate jewelry, but being the minimalist she is, I’m very careful what I get her. Lana Bramlette’s cool, modest line of jewelry has resulted in dozens of pieces that have become instant cult classics. The Lana collection has fans around the world who crave the Lana Look, a term that has become synonymous with her delicate, modern styles.  These 14K Gold Elite Small Draping Earrings will look clever and sleek at critical client meetings and staff conferences, as well as turn heads and show stunningly when you wear them in your sleek little black dress for a night out with your Amour.



So that’s my list, I hope Kate loves it all. Now off to shop for our son, Gregory — who is growing up so fast I can’t even believe it. Merry Christmas everyone, and an amazing New Year! I’m hopeful this time next year I’ll be telling you about a 2nd little Lavigne on the way. Sorry for the spoiler!