My Day-to-day

It’s hard to concentrate on anything with Book 3 coming out, most recently I’ve been working on the audio book version of Book One! It’s like a dream come true! I’ll be able to provide more concrete details in the coming weeks, so stay tuned, I’m sworn to secrecy for now and I can hardly stand it – my fans are of course the first people I want to tell!

But in the meantime there are still really fun things I have planned for you, my treasured fans, to celebrate the upcoming release!

Win a $500 American Express Gift Card

In honor of Book 3 I want to do it up BIG! So I’ve developed a super fan contest with three different challenges and great prizes along the way. The grand prize is a $500 American Express Gift card. To be eligible for the grand prize you must participate in each of the three challenges.

For the second challenge, I want to send you on a super fan scavenger hunt!

You can find the answers on my top 3 Pinterest boards or my website (hint: if the answer is in a blog post it would have been posted in the last month)

1. What is Nick’s song for Kate?
2. What famous site did Kate see in Catoosa, OK on her cross-country road trip?
3. What’s Kate’s favorite restaurant in New York?
4. Which super hot actor has Mac been compared to?
5. How much do you know About the Books? Who’s a new character being introduced in Book 3?

Email your answers to: and please include your first name and last initial.

The deadline for submitting your answers is Sunday, October 19.
The winner for this second challenge will be picked at random from all qualified participants on Wednesday, October 22 – and that person gets a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Second Challenge Rules:

1.) All entries must be submitted by Sunday, October 19 at 11:59pm Pacific.
2.) One entry per person. Duplicates emailsnot counted!
3.) In order to be eligible to win the $500 American Express Gift Card you must participate in all three challenges by their due dates.
4.) The $500 American Express Gift Card winner will be chosen at random from all eligible participants once the contest ends.

Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

As a thank you for your continued dedication all newsletter subscribers are automatically entered in a drawing to win a $25 Amazon Gift card! The next drawing will be toward the end of October so stay tuned!

Post to My Fan Board on Pinterest

If you’re not following me on Pinterest now is definitely the time to start! I just created an Ultimate Super Fan Ideas group board because I’d love to see any and all pins that you think relate to the themes in The Publicist. Wedding dress idea for Kate? Casting call for one of the characters? A book on your ‘to read’ list?  A funny, sad, true quote about love or relationships, you name it! Anyone who was following me as of Friday, October 3 was invited to the board. If you’re new to following me and want to be invited simply send me a private message via Pinterest and I’ll add you. Can’t wait to see what you pin!

Reviewing the Books

Haven’t reviewed the books yet? Once you post your review on Amazon (good or bad just be honest!) email me the link and I’ll be sure to send you a FREE copy of Book 3 when it’s released! Haven’t read both books yet? Get Book 1 and Book 2 together on Amazon: and send me the review when you’re done to get Book 3!