These days it seems everyone loves nostalgia so I thought I’d invite Mac and Sydney to talk about some of their “way back” stuff from their childhood together and some great shared memories.

Mac: Baby, you ready?

Sydney: I’m not very good at these things.

Mac: Sure you are, you have a better memory than I do. Come on, let’s do this.

Sydney: You always know how to convince me of just about anything, don’t you?

Mac: I try… now let’s start with something we both have a fond memory of. The swing set at our local playground. Remember these:


Sydney: Oh my gosh, Mac! I do remember that! We spent hours on this swing set. Whatever happened to flat swings? Do playgrounds still have them?

#TBT Mac and Sydney 1

Mac: Not many, I think some idiot deemed them a hazard or something. And hey, remember this place:

Taco Bell

Sydney: Yes!!! I used to love going to Taco Bell after school. Remember those cool, round tables we’d all gather around?

Mac: I mostly remember just trying to sit next to you…

Sydney: These places look so different now, don’t they?

Mac: They do, they’ve modernized them, made the menu more hip. Back then you’d go there for a great taco and that was it. Simpler.

Sydney: Why Mac, I don’t ever think I’ve heard you so nostalgic before!

Mac: This stuff gets me going, I love looking back… and I especially remember you wearing this lip gloss.

Kissing potion

Sydney: Oh I remember that, too. My sisters loved this stuff and got me hooked on it!

Mac: I liked kissing it off.

#TBT Mac and Sydney 4

Sydney: Yeah, I remember the first time I wore it and we kissed. I think I was wearing their Passion Punch, I could taste it on you after.

Mac: I wish they still made that.

Sydney: I’m sure you do… Oh, hey, isn’t that the girl from ABBA?

Mac: You loved ABBA when we were growing up, I remember that.

Sydney: I know it, I did! Dancing Queen! That was my favorite song!

Mac: Didn’t you have an outfit like this?

Sydney: I think I did. Boy has style changed or what?

Mac: Can you wear this later?


Mac: This was kind of my favorite show when I was a kid, if someone had told me then I’d end up marrying Wonder Woman, I never would have believed them.

Sydney: You know I hate it when you call me Wonder Woman, right? If you keep this up, I may have to punish you later.

Mac: I’d love that, Wonder Woman and I love you.

Sydney: I love you, too Mac. Always have, always will…