The VIP Club

Happy Holidays!  I have some super exciting news, and this is the start of something that will be incredibly fun and reward all of those who have supported, loved, and shaped The Publicist series:  My Super Fans!  I am launching an uber EXCLUSIVE Facebook Fan Page that only Top Tier fans will be able to participate in.  This page is dedicated to giving back to you, all of my favorite people.

What do you get, aside from bragging rights and VIP treatment, when you become part of the group?  Well, I will have some amazing features lined up:
  • FREE advance copies of books in exchange for an honest review
  • You get first dibs on unreleased material–for free!
  • What do you think about having an opportunity to have a character named after YOU in a new book?  Talk about something to show off!
  • Prizes, goodies, and, did someone say prizes?
  • Cover feedback: So do you really want to be a part of the process of book creation? Great, then you’ll have a chance to vote on covers for future titles.
  • Okay, buckle up for this feature:  How would you like never-before-seen chapters and steamy scenes with Mac that didn’t make it in the final cut of The Publicist or Second Chance?
  • There will be much, much more (this is just a tease in honor of Mac and his soon-to-be-posted sexy Christmas list). These will ONLY be available to this group.  How hot is that?
  • And finally, talk about the book, the characters, what you love, what you hate – and who or what you’d like to see more of!
In addition to those remarkable highlights, I will invite other authors to write guest posts to you, and, of course, I will be offering lots of chances to win prizes and swag to those who join.  You will also be able to communicate with me, as always, as well as other fans who enjoy talking about the books and characters.
If you love The Publicist series and the characters and you enjoy being treated like the VIP you are, you deserve to be part of the launch of Penthouse Suite of pages!
Ready to join? Head over to this link and we’ll get you into this fun group!