Meet the Characters

Harper’s Corner


As a celebrity nanny for an A-list actor, Willa is living the Hollywood dream. Well, sort of. She left her ex-almost-fiancé Jack four years ago to pursue her career in Hollywood. And now she’s famous, but it’s not the kind of fame she was hoping for. Can you ever go home and start over without giving up on your dreams?

Find out in A Nanny for Christmas.

Jackson “Jack”

Jackson “Jack” is a local firefighter and all-around great guy. When he and Willa split up four years ago, he threw himself into his work and dedicated himself to being one of the best firefighter’s Harper’s Corner has ever seen, loved by many, except Willa, it seems.

You can read more about Jack in A Nanny for Christmas.


Matt is a local Army guy, he is the brother of Jessica’s former fiancé. He’s been in Afghanistan and overseas for nearly five years and now he’s back in town. He and Jessica were best friends, years ago, but after what his brother did, he decided she needed some space. It was hard for him to leave, but he knew he had to. So he wrote Jessica, and she wrote him back – but it’s when he returns to Harper’s Corner that their read story starts.

Read his story in My One and Only.

Brady O’Rourke

Brady O’Rourke owns Brady’s Pub. He didn’t name the pub after himself, his parents did when they started it years ago when they were first married. When they retired and moved to Florida, Brady took over his namesake pub and he’s been running it ever since. He’s a generous, sweet, charming guy who is also a good cook. He’s also Willa’s older brother. Could a love story for Brady be far behind? Readers hope not!

Callahan “Cal”

Callahan “Cal” is a bad-ass, handsome Army guy, currently on leave from the military and a new member of Harper’s Corner. He moved to the quiet down to leave a life, and a time, he’d rather forget. Now he’s happily working at The Bookshop on the Corner. Cal has sworn off relationships, until the day he meets Stevie and realizes he’s all kinds of screwed.

Read his story in Once Upon a Christmas.

The Coven is a group of girls who got the name back in High School, when they were inseparable (and still are). But their personalities aren’t nearly as dark as their nickname implies. They can often be found eating cupcakes, drinking champagne because it’s Wednesday night, and dishing small-town gossip

Magdalena “Maggie”

Magdalena “Maggie”, often dubbed the “leader” of the Coven, is as vivacious as she is beautiful. She’s the catalyst and everyone’s best friend. Maggie’s parents run a local Mexican bistro called El Pueblo Penqueno, serving high end, foodie-worthy Mexican cuisine. When she’s not hanging with the Coven, Maggie can often be found helping her father introduce new seasonal new dishes, like their Plantain Taquitos and Ceviche Mixto.


Jessica is a top wedding dress designer and a real Harper’s Corner success story. It was her dream, long before her ex-fiancé left her on their wedding day. Now she runs the boutique shop “She Said Yes” and is one of the most sought-after designers in the world. She’s designed dresses for celebrities, and even a Princess, or two…You can read her story in My One and Only.

Stephanie “Stevie”

Stephanie “Stevie” left Harper’s Corner to pursue a career in publishing and she’s currently one of the top publishing editors in New York. And even though she misses her small-town life, and her close friends, she loves her job. Her mom and dad still live in Harper’s Corner and run a bookstore called The Bookshop on the Corner. Stevie is currently dating Gable, a very rich (and stuffy) New York finance guy and on the surface they seem like the perfect couple. But are they, really? That relationship is about to face a test when Stevie meets Callahan and sparky fly. You can read more about Stevie’s story in One Upon a Christmas.


Adelaide runs the local coffee shop Brew-Ha-Ha which is the center for all things coffee. She’s known for her special coffee blends as well as some fun, seasonal pairings. Nothing spices up a drab morning, or a Monday, like walking into Brew-Ha-Ha for a quick whiff of nirvana. Adelaide is a sweet and quiet girl, she’d love to meet a great guy, but she’d have to talk to him first and she never seems to be able to gather the nerve. So she works tirelessly in her coffee shop, making it the best in town. Will she meet someone soon? I think she will. Stay tuned!

Julia “Jules”

Julia “Jules” runs the Sweet Spot, a local bakery and the official meeting place for the Coven. Her specialty cupcakes are pretty famous. If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by and try her Mississippi Mud Cupcakes, Peanut Butter Truffle Cupcakes or her Orgasm Cupcakes. I’m not kidding, they’re the bomb. Jules is outspoken and single, with a killer sweet tooth.


As a little girl, Caroline was the one who was always bringing strays home, or injured animals, or pretending to heal an injury a stuffed dog, cat or toy elephant had suffered. So it was no surprise to anyone, when she decided to enter veterinarian school and opened her own practice in Harper’s Corner. Caroline shared her big, rambling house with 4 dogs, 2 cats, rabbits (she’s lost count how many), and two chickens named Lucy and Ethel. She also works pro-bono for a local rescue, giving her time to helpless animals who have been discarded by their owners (who she wants to pummel), left for dead, or hit by cars. There’s no time to date, so she says. But I think a nice, animal-loving male would be a perfect match for sweet Caroline. Stay tuned for her story!